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Lagom Design was established by Kelly Hyatt in 2007. Kelly’s aim was to create a company with a strong sense of design, sourcing from world leading designers and illustrators, with a renewed focus on quality in design and print.

Lagom is a Swedish word describing when something is perfectly balanced or is ‘just right’. This word perfectly reflects Kelly’s mission: wishing to achieve designs which are ‘just right’. This may be tricky, but when you manage it, you instinctively know that it is lagom.

From the vibrant and graphic work of post war designer Alexander Girard to art from contemporary designers such as Kelly’s own, as well as that of Michael A. Hill, Debbie Powell and Monocle magazine favourite Satoshi Hashimoto (to name just a few), Lagom offers a truly diverse range of luxury greeting cards, gift wrap and other stationery products.

At Lagom Design, the team take their responsibilities to the environment very seriously, ensuring all their activities and products are as sustainable as possible and help the environment. In fact, all paper used for their cards is from one of the most environmentally-friendly paper mills in the world. The mill is situated on the west coast of Sweden, by the Örekil River.


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